The results are in!!

Satisfaction Survey 2019

Each year, as part of our ongoing quality assurance, we send a customer satisfaction survey to a random selection of clients that have been discharged. So far this year, we have sent them to clients who have medical insurance (self pay clients will follow soon).
From the survey, the results show 50% of clients waited 1-2 days for an appointment and 50% 3-4 days.
100% were able to arrange an appointment time to suit them
100% thought the clinic was comfortable
100% had the results of the assessment explained to them
100% were given a clear explanation of their treatment
100% started their appointment on time
100% were 'Very Satisfied'
100% scored 10/10 when asked how likely they were to recommend us.

Comments received;
1 - really helpful and reassuring
2 - Was given lots of helpful advice. Emails of exercises were very useful. Would highly recommend to others
3 - Chris takes the time to listen and then explain his thoughts and proposed actions.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this survey and will continue to maintain our high standards.